Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQs. If you have a question that isn't answered below, email us at The FAQs will be updated regularly, so please check back occasionally for new information.


Why don't I see any visualizations when I click on an indicator? First, login to the site using your Iowa State University Net-ID and password or create a free account. After you login, click on Account Settings in the top right corner. Edit the geography filters to reflect your area of interst. You will now be able to view indicators.

Do I need a ISU Net-ID to login? The ISU Indicators Portal is now open to everyone. You may login with your ISU Net-ID and password or create a free account to access the data indicators and tools on this site.

What browsers are supported? Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE9 or higher. No other browsers are guaranteed to properly display our content and results may vary.

What mobile devices are supported?  There are no guarantees that our content will display properly or all features will be available when visiting this site with a mobile device.

How can I get a better quality Data for Decision Makers Report? In order to get the best quality print we recomend that you download the PDF report and print from Adobe Acrobat/Reader instead of printing from your internet browser - Firefox particularly degrades the PDF when printing or viewing from the browser.