Indicators Portal User Guides

User Guide and Webinar
A detailed User Guide is available to get yourself or your team up and running with the Indicators Portal.

If you would prefer to watch a webinar about the Indicators Program we have that too, The Extension and Outreach Indicators Project: What it is, How it Will Help You, and How to Use It is a resource that is available to everyone. Here you will hear the people behind the development of the Indicators Portal and learn what data is available, how to use it and how it will help you with your work. You can even follow along with the PowerPoint slides used in the webinar. 

Geography Settings
After you have logged in, the home page will now have a drop-down menu menu called Account Settings, in the upper right corner of the page. Before you can see any data or graphics, you must choose at least one geography selection. Click on Account Settings and the drop-down menu will show three Geography Filters. Each filter will be a geography set. Click on a pencil icon to begin your geography choices from the next drop-down menu. There are several settings to make for your geography set. For now, keep the Geography Type set to County and State to Iowa. Under the County drop- down, select one county that will be the primary or main county of interest for this geographic set (Examples Marshall, Polk). The primary county will always appear among the choices on graphs. Next, choose what counties you want as comparisons to the primary county. Currently there are 6 comparison options: Agricultural Statistics Districts, Extension Regions, Neighbors, Regional Councils of Government, Rural-Urban Continuum Codes, and Custom List. Once you have chosen a geography set for a filter, click Save Filter to keep your choices. These filter choices will be saved in your account even if you logout and come back at a later time.

Geography Comparison Options
Agricultural Statistics Districts: Compares your primary county to other counties in the same USDA Agricultural Statistics Districts.
Extension Regions: Compares your primary county to other counties in the same Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Regions. 
Neighbors: Compares your primary county to all the other counties in Iowa that border the primary county.
Regional Councils of Government: Compares your primary county to the other counties in the same Regional Councils of Government.
Rural-Urban Continuum Codes: Compares your primary county to the other counties with the same Rural-Urban Continuum Code.
Custom List: Compares your primary county to the other counties your select from the list (up to 6 other counties).